Spaceship Earth

NASA Video

An incredible time-lapse video from the International Space Station showing the movements of both the stars and our home planet.

Anna's Medical School Match

Click below to see Anna learning of her surgery match at the U. C. Davis Medical Center.

Anna's Match

Opening remarks and Anna called to stage

Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI)

The following videos were developed to promote a Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI) for evaluating energy savings in buildings.

Percent Savings Part 1

A discussion of problems with the concept of percent savings

Percent Savings Part 2

An alternative scale for evaluating energy performance

Percent Savings Part 3

Ways to reduce the gap between energy model predictions and utility bills

Percent Savings Part 4

How the alternative scale can provide a framework for energy codes and policy



These are miscellaneous presentations on COMNET. For more presentations, go to and click on Presentations.

COMNET Introduction

This video is the first in a series of IBPSA Vetting Sessions. This presentation introduces the COMNET Modeling Guidelines and Procedures and reviews how to use the COMNET. org website to make comments and respond to others comments.

COMNET Chapter 2

This video is the second in the IBPSA series. It addresses Chapter 2 of the MGP, including defining thermal blocks, the concept of unmet load hours, and the general calculation procedures.


Life-Cycle Cost

These are miscellaneous presentations presented to staff on Life-Cycle Cost Analysis.

LCC Part I

Principles of life-cycle cost analysis.


Application of life-cycle cost analysis to policy and energy codes work.